Bianco e Nero Design “Tuscany landscape”



Paesaggio Toscano

Tuscany Landscapes

Eleganti e meravigliosi paesaggi dell’intorno senese, fatti di dolci colline dipinte con i colori del grano, dell’erba e delle favolose vigne toscane.

Elegant and beautiful scenery of the surroundings of Siena, made of rolling hills painted with the colors of wheat, grass and fabulous Tuscany’svineyards.

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  1. Hello, I visited your shop with my family this past August. I bought a beautiful Christmas ornament and I would like to purchase another one for my mother. Is this possible?


    Wendy Propst

    1. Good morning,
      I am so sorry for this enormous delay in the response.
      I opened this new site, and I did not get your emails in my personal email.

      Are you always interested in ornaments?


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