The best design of Bianco e Nero “BLU AND GREEN”


In 1995 Walter Staccioli designed this particular design that then evolved over time. Blue tones are inspired by the typical Oland pottery that Walter visited a couple of years before opening the Bianco e Nero workshop.

Blue & Green decorations inside the lab are varied. The Staccioli family has designed four different types of design. A part of the object (whether it is a plate or something else) is always decorated with the “greca” typical of theworkshop; The rest can be customized according to four types of design (in this case they are flat and the difference is in the central decoration, while the sides will always be “Greca”).

Two of the decorations recall the typical olive branch of our Tuscany, a large sunflower, while the third one that is the oldest has a particular history.


In 1995, starting with a “brush stroke” designed by Simona Staccioli, Walter (the father) thought of creating a branch with leaves made with that particular shape. Over time, the white color surrounding the branch disappeared, leaving only the leaves as decoration.


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  1. Looking to order two of the olive oil containers as Christmas gifts for our family. We visited your shop this past April and purchased an olive oil container and a Christmas ornament.

    I would like to order one olive oil container in the blue olive branch design. For the other can you send me pictures of options. Also is it possible to purchase extra pourers/stoppers? The chain on ours broke so I want to have extra, maybe 3?

    1. Good morning,
      I am so sorry for this enormous delay in the response.
      I opened this new site, and I did not get your emails in my personal email.

      Are you always interested in the oils?


  2. Hi my name is Lustosa i have a question about something i saw in Brazil i think the ceramic is Berry by bianco nero ???

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