A new design by Bianco e Nero.


In September 2017 Sonia created this new design.
It is inspired by modernity, creating something that is never the same.
Each person will have his own “Variety” personal.
12 different plates
4 drawings
3 colors

Shred and create your full staff, which you will only have!

All dishes can go to dishwasher and microwave and ALL the dishes are COMPLETELY hand-painted.

Dinner plate 9.8 inc = 40.00 Euro
Soup, Pasta plate 9 inc = 35.00 Euro
Dessert, Bread Plate 6 inc = 25.00 Euro

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  1. I was in Siena in October 2017 and bought an oil/vinegar container. We were with a tour group and had a very limited amount of time to shop. I am now home in California and wish I had bought more! It is a beautiful work of art that I will treasure and enjoy.

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