Bianco e Nero Design “Tuscany landscape”

    Paesaggio Toscano Tuscany Landscapes Eleganti e meravigliosi paesaggi dell’intorno senese, fatti di dolci colline dipinte con i colori del grano, dell’erba e delle favolose vigne toscane. Elegant and beautiful scenery of the surroundings of Siena, made of rolling hills painted with the colors of … Continue reading “Bianco e Nero Design “Tuscany landscape””

The best design of Bianco e Nero “BLU AND GREEN”

  In 1995 Walter Staccioli designed this particular design that then evolved over time. Blue tones are inspired by the typical Oland pottery that Walter visited a couple of years before opening the Bianco e Nero workshop. Blue & Green decorations … Continue reading “The best design of Bianco e Nero “BLU AND GREEN””